LS² Annual Meeting 2016

Interdisciplinary Sciences

15–16 February, 2016
Amphimax/Amphipôle, Lausanne

Welcome to the LS² Annual Meeting 2016 in Lausanne!
Registration possible online

Dear colleagues and friends

it is our pleasure to invite you to the LS² Annual Meeting 2016, held on the 15./16.2. at the Amphipôle/Amphimax complex of the University of Lausanne. Alongside our scientific programme with internationally renowned speakers (see below), we also offer a variety of career development/soft skill sessions, as well as numerous workshops and discussion rounds, a large industry exhibition and 100+ posters presented by promising young scientists.

At this meeting, LS² will bring together Swiss Life Scientists from academic backgrounds as well as our industry partners with researchers from all across Europe to explore the large spectrum of "Interdisciplinary Sciences". Discover the latest, most exciting findings in the field of Chemical Biology over Synthetic Biology to Proteomics and "Classic" Molecular and Cell Biology (and many more) , discuss opportunities and challenges of the Swiss Research funding system and the life beyond academia in non-academic professions, and be a part of the emotional debate on careers of men and women in the Life Sciences. 

For the youngest scientists (BSc/MSc students), we do not only offer an informative session on opportunities in and outside the academic world, but also offer your travel to the meeting and the registration fee, if you are among the first 40 to register!

PhD students can meet their peers at the poster and apéro session and win one of the prestigious poster prizes (worth 500 CHF). As every year, the winner of the Friedrich-Miescher Award will be awarded at a special ceremony, and for the first time, LS² will present the "Lelio Orci Award", sponsored by the University of Geneva.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet with your colleagues and friends from the Swiss Life Science community. We are looking forward to welcome you at the LS2 Annual Meeting 2016 in Lausanne.

A preliminary program will be online from August 2015, for more information, please contact


The organizing committee:


Aurélien Roux (Chairman)

Thierry Soldati (LS² President )

Jean Gruenberg (LS² Vice-President)

Maria Pappalardo and Anna Brandenburg (LS² management team)


Plenary Speakers


John Innes Centre, Norwich

➤ Visit Grieneisen's Lab Page

Patterns within cells, between cells and over tissues: from plant development to robot swarms

[Read more]


Lakshminarayanan MAHADEVAN

Harvard University, Department of Physics, Cambridge, USA

➤ Visit Mahadevan's Lab Page

Towards a physical basis for morphogenesis

[Read more]



Boyce Thompson Institute and Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

➤ Visit Schroeder's Lab Page

Comparative metabolomics reveals a modular library of signaling molecules in nematodes

[Read more]



Molecular & Cell Biophysics and NanoBioPolymers Lab Graduate Groups in Pharmacology, Physics, Cell & Mol. Biology University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA

➤ Visit Discher's Lab Page

Cells feel their microenvironment and remodel nuclear structures

[Read more]


Final program online

Please find the final version of the booklet as it will be printed here

Poster submission closed

The submission for posters is now closed. We are now processing all submissions and will be evaluating which ones will be selected for presentations. It is not possible to submit posters anymore, however the conference registration remains open. 

Animal Accreditation

This conference counts as half a day of continous eduction in the field of animal experimentation.

Please fill in your information in the links below, and sign the sheet at the conference to confirm your presence!

Registration Period

The conference registration remains open until the day of the meeting, you may still register to attend the meeting via our website. Please note that the poster submission is now closed.

For LS² members, the registration fee is only 50 CHF. 

If you would like to benefit from this reduced price, you have to become a member at least one month before the conference!

Please download your membership application here

Attention BSc/MSc Students!

As every year, LS² offers travel and registration to the first 40 BSc/MSc students who registered for the meeting (max. amount of 50 CHF)! If you are one of the first to register, we will send you an info e-mail depicting the reimbursement process.

Searching for the PI of Tomorrow!

Advanced Postdocs that are interested to kickstart their career as a group leader in a Swiss lab are invited to submit their application for the contest "PI of tomorrow- the future of Swiss research". For more information, click here

Poster Sessions

New in 2016: During lunch on day 1, the poster session is dedicated to posters with even numbers. During lunch on day 2, posters with odd numbers will be in the limelight. To draw more attention to your poster, you are invited to submit a visual abstract (one ppt /pdf page) to the LS² team. The visual abstracts will be displayed on screens during all breaks. Please find more information here

Photo Contest themed "Interdisciplinary Sciences"

LS2 and Nikon will be organizing a photography competition.  The best photos will be printed and displayed at the Nikon booth, where winners will be selected by the audience. The winner will receive a Nikon camera. To enter the contest, please submit your best scientific photography ("Interdisciplinary Sciences") to the LS2 Annual Meeting organising team. We will inform you whether your photo has been selected for display. Deadline for submission is January 1st, 2016. The winners will be announced during the award session on February 16th. Good luck to all contestants. For more info, please contact Anna Brandenburg. Please do not submit publication figures, but photographies in brilliant quality!

Careers in Science

Meet the discussion leaders of the lunch session "Careers in Science" hosted by Dominique Favre Soldati. 


Young Scientists' Debate and Movies about Synthetic Biology

During lunch on Tuesday, the 16. February, starting at 12.30, the SCNAT Forum Genetic Research will be showing movies broaching the issue of Synthetic Biology. The movies will be followed by a youth debate featuring the iGEM 2015 team (EPF Lausanne) and Jan Roelof van der Meer (University of Lausanne). Participants of the meeting are welcome to join in on the discussion. Please find more information in the program. During lunch time and before the session starts, thought-provoking short films on Synthetic Biology will be shown in the same auditory in collaboration with BIO•FICTION Science, Art & Film Festival.

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